"Awesome stuff! I've only had it a week but it's quickly healed, pimples, sunburn, and bad cradle cap on the baby - I cant believe it! It's amazing, I will be buying some more! I SO recommend this product to everyone for anything! It's truly amazing!"
Melissa Johnson

"I have had awful itchy and unsightly psoriasis patches on my legs for 12 years which I was very self-conscious of and would never wear shorts or dresses. The itchiness would wake me at night and I would scratch until my skin was raw and bleeding - truly awful. Over the years I have tried the typical steroid cream and a variety of lotions and potions but none were effective. I purchased some Pot of Gold skin balm, applied twice a day, and WOW am I impressed! My psoriasis has never looked better and is 90% gone! For the great price it is I would recommend psoriasis sufferers give this a try - you have nothing to lose and everything to gain."

"Thanks for the balm, I love it! I had this thick, bright red patch of eczema behind both my ears, some on my scalp and other patches behind my knees, and I tried heaps of stuff to get rid of it. Thanks to your balm, what a relief, I used it once and couldn't believe how quickly the itch disappeared and then the patches. I love that your balm doesn't smell, which is a huge plus because I can use it anytime, anywhere. I have used another remedy that had people looking at me sideways and my (not!) charming friends saying I smelled like a horse, so you can understand how happy I am to use your balm. I look forward to receiving the extra balm I ordered because several members of my whanau need it. Thanks again."
New Zealand

Child and baby eczema
"The term "testimonial" sounds so forced. This isn't a testimonial, this is me wanting to share with as many people as I can the benefits of this amazing product. My 7-month-old daughter has had reccurring eczema on her face for 4 months, we have tried everything! The only improvement we have ever seen was when, out of desperation, we have used a steroid cream. Even then, two days later the eczema would return. These photos are of the amazing difference to her skin after only two applications, over a 12 hour period! We continued to use the product for another 3 days. There is no sign of the eczema at all! In fact she now has the most gorgeous skin! I have started using the product an everything I can think of. It is great for itchy bites too.
Thank you so much to the makers of this great product, you have saved us, from possibly years of steroid use."

"Wow, what can I say? This is an awesome product! I've renamed it 'miracle in a jar'. I only received it yesterday morning but by last night there was a huge improvement in my baby boy's eczema and this morning he woke up with none of the normal red blotchy dry skin on his face that he wakes up with every morning. Absolutely amazing, thank you so much."
Katie S

Sensitive skin and eczema
"I have super-sensitive skin and find I react to many lotions and products. I also suffer from eczema, so you can imagine my total happiness when I saw skin improvement after just one day! It is now day three and the progress continues. This product is fantastic, and I highly recommend it to others!"
New Zealand

Sweat/heat rash and eczema
"I found this excellent for my son's eczema. It beats steroid creams anytime and much better than 3B cream for sweat/heat rash. Yay, no more sleepless nights for me and so kind to our kid's skin."
New Zealand

Cold sores and sore feet
"I was just looking at my Pot of Gold this morning and wondering how I was going to get another one when it ran out. Since I bought it, I've used it on an amazing range of ailments, from cold sores to sore feet, and I have to say that it has been everything your father said it was. When I left Fiji to return to the UK I had really sore skin between my toes from wallowing around in water for too long. In fact it was so sore it was uncomfortable to walk, all during the flight I used my Pot of Gold and by the time I got back to the UK it was almost completely cleared up, and my cold sore was completely gone within five days, just like magic! Many thanks."
Gloucester Shire - UK

Facial scarring
"I have a food allergy which makes my facial skin break out in a red, itchy pimply mess. I end up with reddish scarring on my skin after a bout. Pot of Gold is the only ointment/cream that I have used that gets rid of the scarring. This happens when I eat potatoes and have too much bread. I have been using Pot of Gold for approximately two years now and do not like running out of it. Excellent on my grandchildren's bottoms."
Jane Hay

Shaving rash
"I thought you were joking when you said it would put an end to shaving rash, but it's gone after only using Pot of Gold twice. As for the many other uses, you guys are not charging enough. Brilliant, I will definitely buy more."
New Zealand

Skin cancer
"I was passing through Christchurch on my way to a holiday in Australia and I bought a pottle of your wonderful balm. I had a skin cancer on my forehead which had become too big for burning off and was scheduled for surgical removal when I got home, but by applying your Pot of Gold every day, in three weeks it had gone and the skin in the area was clear. What a truly amazing product!"
New Zealand
All-purpose skin care

"I am from New York City, I am 60 years old, and while visiting Christchurch, New Zealand, my family and I met Woody Crow who was selling Pot of Gold skin balm. It looked like good and pure ingredients (he showed us samples he had on hand: bees wax, some kind of New Zealand tree resin, and palm oil) so I decided to try it out. It has been three weeks now that I have been putting this balm on my face every night before bed, and from the first night of using it until now, my skin feels smoother, tighter, and healthier, with a much better skin tone. I feel that I am finally doing something good for my skin. Rather than putting chemicals on my face, the balm gets absorbed into the skin, feeding it healthy ingredients that feel so clean and not greasy. I love it! (I also realize that it is a multi-purpose balm for sunburn, all kinds of skin rashes etc and an all-around household balm for many needs.) James, I hope this all helps, it's all true!"
Gail Healy
New York City

"This is wonderful stuff, I used it on my dog. We have paid hundreds of dollars to the vet to get him some relief for his skin problems. After one week's use I noticed a difference. The 50-cent piece size infected area was less irritated. One week down track the size is a quarter what it was, the hair is growing back, and he is much happier. From the moment I put it on he didn't bite again and when he sees me with the ointment he rolls over so I can put it on. Thanks so much, it also helped my split finger! Would definitely recommend."
New Zealand

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