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Your “adult stem cells” are your body’s master cells- they have the ability to become virtually any type of cell in the body.
Recent studies have found that stem cells can become heart cells, liver cells, pancreatic cells, muscle cells, brain cells… even cells in the eyes, the joints and more!

StemTech AFA Extract (Aphanizomenon Flos-aquae), a wild Blue-gren Alga with unique Health Properties, is the world’s first ever natural StemCell Enhancer … the only nutritional supplement in the world proven to support the natural release of our own adult stemcells from our bone marrow!

The release of stem cells from the bone marrow and the migration of these stem cells to tissues is the mechanism that the human body has developed over thousands of years to heal and regenerate.

Over the years, people consuming AFA have reported benefits related to conditions such as:
 >> ADHA, hypoglycemia低 血 糖, poor memory, Attention Deficit Disorder, chronic fatigue, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, poor immunity, skin problems, allergies, asthma, rheumatoid diseases风湿关节炎 , Parkinson disease帕金森and depression抑郁症.

>> Cases have also been reported of significant improvements in conditions such as epilepsy癫痫, stroke, multiple sclerosis多发性硬化症, diabetes糖尿病and myasthenia重症肌无力。。。

The study strongly suggested that AFA acts on the immune and nervous systems and prevents the process of inflammation.

StemTech AFA Extract is traditionally used as a food supplement to invigorate vital energy, strengthen muscle and bone, and support optimal health.

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