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 Pot of Gold Baby Balm (50g) Pot of Gold 婴儿软膏 (50g)

75% Organic Product
Country of Origin: New Zealand

Why buy several products when you only need one?

Pot of Gold baby balm is specially blended to offer a perfect all round balm for both mother and baby that we believe will replace many of the products kept in your baby bag and medicine cabinet.

While our Pot of Gold skin balm is designed for use on more severe conditions and ailments, Pot of Gold baby balm is a milder all-round daily use product, created with both baby and mother in mind. With a higher vitamin E content, and a softer recipe to ensure easy after-nappy applications, Pot of Gold baby balm ensures sensitive skin has the moisturisation and protection it needs.

Use our baby balm as a natural alternative to any other products created for skin irritations, massage, moisturisation, and general day-to-day skin care. Using only active ingredients, Pot of Gold baby balm can also be used to aid all skin conditions, including:
Nappy rash
Dry and cracked nipples
Prevention and reduction of stretch marks
Any chapping and chafing both mother and baby may have.

Allergy warning: Pot of Gold skin balm contains coniferous pine tree resin along with beeswax which can in turn hold traces of pollen, propolis and bee venom. A contact test is the best way to see if someone with a possible allergy to the ingredients in our balm is in fact allergic. To do this, apply a finger print sized amount of our balm to the inside elbow pit of the person concerned (if this area is fatigued by eczema or a similar condition then use either the other elbow pit or knee pit that is clear and healthy). A reaction may take 48 to 96 hours to present itself. If by then no visual effects can be seen then the balm is safe to use. If at a later date an area being treated with Pot of Gold begins to appear inflamed or raised, discontinue use.

Pot of Gold 婴儿软膏 (50g)


当一个多功能产品就能替代所有的产品时,您何必还买几个产品呢?Pot of Gold婴
我们的 Pot of Gold 皮肤软膏是专给比较严重的情况和疾病所使用,而 Pot of Gold
婴儿软膏则是一个温和的多方面日常产品,专为婴儿和母亲而创造。Pot of Gold

Pot of Gold婴儿软膏只使用活性成分,也可用于帮助所有皮肤状况,包括:

过敏警告:Pot of Gold婴儿软膏含有针叶松树树脂与蜂蜡,可含有花粉,蜂胶和蜂
手肘或膝坑) 。可能需要48至96小时才会出现反应。如果届时没有看到什么变化,

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